There is no distance between you and God

There is no distance between you and God. There is no separation between your being and the being of God.

To believe that you and God are separate is to believe that God is not God at all. If we understand God to be infinite (which is perhaps the most widely-held belief across all spiritual traditions in the history of the world) then we understand that God has no limits. That without limits cannot be separate from anything. Because the point of separation would define its limit.

Imagine God as a 360° source of light. Now picture that source of light growing in all directions. Notice that there is a limit to the light. Notice that you know it is growing only because you can see the contrast of where light meets darkness.

Now picture a limitless light. No darkness. No boundaries or limits. It is infinite and it is everything. But you notice a dark blip. It is the only separation between light and darkness. Immediately the light’s definition must be adjusted from “infinite” to “finite.” Now if you remove the separation between light and darkness, the light once again becomes infinite. It is all in all.

A lack of separation is exactly what makes infinity. Nonduality (non-splitness) is exactly what makes infinity. It is logically and actually impossible for duality and infinity to coexist.

OK, big ol’ screeching time-out here. Let’s take a sec to define nonduality. It’s a word used in many spiritual, religious, and philosophical traditions in many different ways. For our purposes here, we’ll use this definition: “Nonduality is the view that all things are, at their essence, one.”

By saying I am a Nondual Christian is to say that (1) I believe that a nondual worldview is the closest we can get to seeing the world as it truly is, and (2) I follow the teachings and Spirit of Jesus Christ above and beyond all else, to the extent that He is my ultimate authority. If I were to discover that any belief or philosophy I held did not align with that authority, I would abandon the belief or philosophy in order to submit to the authority of Christ.

OK, back to the action.

So we must make a cosmic choice. Do I believe in an infinite God? Or do I believe the the world is made up if individual, separate things (i.e., a dualistic worldview)?

One or the other with no in-between option. There’s no sliding scale for this one.

Let’s say that you choose “I believe in an infinite God.” Good! I happen to think you’re right. You get one-hundred Schrute bucks! Also, you get to necessarily believe in some very good news indeed: that there is not, cannot be, can never be any separation between you and God.

Talk about Gospel.

Take a moment to consider that. Breathe slowly and embrace that undeniable fact. That God is completely united with you. That for God to even exist requires that you be together, inseparable, as One.

As a very beautiful song by Hillsong United says, “You’re just not that hard to find.” (Some serious nondual Christianity in some recent-ish Hillsong United jams. So Will I is terrific, which is not something I easily say about contemporary Christian music.)

God is absolutely everywhere we look. The problem has not been God’s absence or distance, but rather we’ve not seen that God is right in front of us at every moment.

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!

“I could even die, and I still couldn’t get away from you!” Because death is not the limit of the limitless God either. It presents no barrier to God’s infinity. It cannot. Or an infinite God does not exist.


Like a floating carrot, picture yourself in the stew of God’s presence. No effort is being made. You simply are in God. And the longer you’re there, the more porous you become. Soaking in more of God as your form dissolves into God’s. Such it is as death approaches. Which is all our lives.

We have devised so many methods of getting to God. Some simple, like prayer/meditation or doing good deeds, and others more complex or painful, like asceticism or extremism. But even the best of practices, which of course are wonderfully helpful, healthy, and genuinely beneficial, go beyond what it is necessary to ascertain the truth of what we so desperately seek. To know and experience the undeniable closeness of God.

I believe that an infinite loving God is at the very heart of the message of Jesus Christ. As discussed earlier, infinity and dualism cannot coexist. Either God is infinite (has no limits) or things in the created world are essentially separate from each other and separate from God. So, if the message of Jesus Christ proclaimed an infinite, loving God, then you would be accurate in saying that the message of Jesus Christ was nondual.

I believe the premise, so I believe the conclusion. That is why I am a nondual Christian.

I believe that nonduality being accepted as standard Christian doctrine could change the face of the Christianity. And the world.

I believe the awakening of a nondual understanding of existence and our relationship with/to God is what the Apostle Paul referred to in Romans 8: “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God.” (Much more on this in future posts. The potential impact this understanding can and I believe will have on the planet and its creatures is unfathomable in scope. Sneak preview: hatred is impossible for a nondual consciousness.)

If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this: You are in the presence of God. If God exists, God cannot be separate from you in any way, at any moment, for any reason. Your search is over. You have the pearl of great price.

Take a moment to admire it.

Disclaimer: There will be many metaphors for God used across the posts on this blog. And they will all fall short. In fact, all the words that I or anyone write to describe God will fall short. Because language is limited and God is limitless. Because form is finite and God is infinite. Thank you for your grace as I do my best anyway.

Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

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